Hands-on Care for Whole Life Balance


Approach & Influences

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Drawing from a foundation in physical rehabilitation and deep tissue work, Alicia approaches the body by also taking energetic & emotional factors into consideration. She works from an ever refining wellness philosophy strongly rooted in a collaborative belief; educating people about the benefits of regular massage therapy, whilst also encouraging the use of other forms of bodywork & self care to create a healthy and optimal physical/energetic/emotional balance. The client/therapist relationship is paramount, whether lasting a single session or developed through a treatment plan over time, to ensure a comfortable and secure space for release of restrictions and understanding of where & how the holdings in the body are rooted.  


Craniosacral Therapy

This gentle, hands-on treatment works in assessing subtle restrictions in the body which may act as anchors drawing the systems out of balance. Using a soft touch, this therapy can be used on its own or infused through treatment to help guide and release chronic holdings which may be a barrier to optimal health & function. CST has been known to help with chronic pain, connective tissue disorders, headaches, stress, insomnia, digestive disorders, energetic & emotional restrictions and many other common ailments. Alicia draws from her training through The Upledger Institute in most treatments which generally leaves clients feeling a sense of deep relaxation. In a specifically focused CST session, a full body approach for release is assessed and treated with these techniques, rather than the direct tissue engagement of massage, providing an opportunity for deep unwinding & relief of chronic holdings and repressed trauma.

Yogic Philosophy

Alicia has had the privilege of being the owner of Pramana Yoga Studio on Gottingen Street which is closed as of July 28th, 2019. Pramana has been a passion project with a mission of being an openly LGBTQ+ owned & inclusive studio in Halifax’s North End where movement, massage and mindfulness are brought together. Pramana has offered a heart-centred space for connection to community, mind, body and Self though yoga, massage and aligned partnerships. Alicia still strives to live the practice of yoga personally and through her service in bodywork. She loves to collaborate with clients who practice yoga and meditation through adding the benefits of massage therapy to assist in deepening a lifestyle of wellness. 

Float Ambassadorship

Float therapy, sometimes called “sensory deprivation”, is a powerful tool for holistic wellness.  Regular visits to the tank can help with chronic pain, stress, focus, sleep and improve immune function and meditative clarity. Floatation is also a fantastic compliment to enhance the benefits of massage therapy. Alicia is a passionate ambassador of The Floatation Centre in Halifax and is here to answer all of your questions around float therapy or any of the other amazing resources they house. Interested in the ins and outs of an experience at The Floatation Centre? Ask Alicia during your next session or visit their website here.