Connecting Consciousness to Body: Where are you?

Where are you right now?

Do you ever find yourself leading a conversation and know the receiver isn’t hearing a word you say? Not a great experience, huh? It can leave you feeling inadequate, unsupported and unseen. When someone checks out, you can sense it. It’s an energy shift far more powerful than words and can really be tough on relationships when it continues for an extended period. What we don’t often notice is that this can also happen within our relationship to ourselves. What happens when we check out of communication with our own body? When all of our focus is on things outside of ourselves. “Autopilot”, some like to call it. We can abandon our bodies in a variety of ways. The most common being too “busy” and distracted with matters of the material world. Interestingly, it can also happen through seeking spiritual enlightenment and forgetting about the point of having a somatic experience in our human form. Trauma also generally creates a fracture in our connection when we disassociate from feeling the pain it causes. Much like eating disorders remove us from any positive feeling of our body being a safe home. But that’s exactly what it can be for us if we foster this awareness and reign in our consciousness. A secure home with a healthy boundary between our precious selves and the external climate. 

How aware are you of your body? I invite you to take a few breaths in a quiet space. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your feet. How do you know they’re there if you aren’t seeing them? How does the skin feel touching your shoes or the floor? Is there a warmth? A cool buzzing? Now move your attention to your hands. Without moving them, how do you know they’re there. How do they feel? After some moments, shift to your lips. Are they touching? Slightly parted? Warm, soft, gently connected to the air around you? Breathe in. Breathe out. Notice.

A body scan like this is a practice in consciousness. And just as we can shift our noticing from one body part to another, we can also leave our body, the room we’re in or the company we’re keeping in the same way. We have this brilliant ability to move this awareness and enrich or disengage our experiences. Why is this so exciting? Because it’s empowering. Being able to bring ourselves inward like this allows for a full sensory experience of our life here. When you are in connection with your body, not only will you feel signals to tell you when it’s out of balance and prevent potential illness or injury. But you will also enrich the sensations of your world. The sound of your loved one telling a story, the pressure of an intimate caress, the taste of your favourite salty/sweet snack, the aroma of your wood stove at the cabin, the sight of the last moments of that late summer sunset. Life is so sensory and we can miss its gifts when we’re out of contact with our bodies. Just like your partner misses your message when they aren’t paying attention to your words.

Presence in today’s modern environment can sometimes be hard to achieve. Bodywork is a beautiful tool to connect your consciousness to your body. To ground you and root you to your vessel. The experience of soft tissue engagement and the sensations that come with balancing the physical body and its energetics can do wonders for whole wellness by releasing repressions, nourishing tissues and restoring flow. A session of giving the conversation over to your body and taking your turn as the listener can be a special way of saying, “Hey. Thanks for all you do for me. I know I’ve been busy but I’m here now and I’d love to hear what you have to say. How are you?” 

Allow this to be your gentle reminder to check in with yourself today. When you give love to your body, you foster joy, forgiveness, compassion and understanding for your Self and can more clearly see the journey you’re on. Aligning the two naturally aligns your authentic path. And I’m right here to walk it along with you.

Move mindfully today.

All love, Alicia