Connecting Consciousness to Body: Where are you?

Do you ever find yourself leading a conversation and know the receiver isn’t hearing a word you say? Not a great experience, huh? It can leave you feeling inadequate, unsupported, unseen. When someone checks out, you can sense it. It’s an energy shift far more powerful than words and can really be tough in relationships when it continues for an extended period. What we don’t often notice is that this can also happen within our relationship to ourselves. What happens when we check out of communication with our own body?

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3 Ways your Body is Holding Emotion (and how to use them to your advantage)

Emotions are created around experience. They are natural, energetic responses to stimuli. When flowing freely, we can move through events and stresses with more fluidity. We can actually use feelings as tools to grow and learn about the world around us. To combine knowledge with our experiences creates wisdom. But it's not always easy to ride the wave of human emotion. When we have a positive experience, we can feel elated and joyous and want to stay there forever. When we have a negative experience, we can feel unpleasant and want to rush through it to escape the discomfort. Both are normal and are meant to be an ongoing ebb and flow of energy within and around us.

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Alicia Wright